With the goal of restoring the glory of the Muslim world as our top priority, we are proud of the fact that our company is one of a kind in the competitive industry of marketing.

Our Slogan - "Let's Make Ummah Great Again"

Our slogan was build upon thousand year value of islamic civilization and Ummah’s history.

It defines the mission of our company to give added value to our staffs, partners and clients with goal of making Ummah great again together as our first and foremost goal.

Our Vision

To be the preferred Digital Marketeer for Ummah

Our Mission

Applying the principle of ‘Magnificent 7’

Our Principle

The Magnificent 7

The Magnificent 7 (M7) is our ideology that was shaped upon the aim of inculcating the values of Islamic miracles, our culture and unity together to achieve Islam, company and Ummah’s vision.

Our Values

Our company consists a great amount of talented manpower which specialized in their roles befitting the image of the company. We implement 5 of these values to our team ensuring them to remember and focus on their prowess.

Always be Strategic, stay Energetic, plan with Visionary, thrive to be Extra Ordinary and develop our Networking!

Seven Value To Be Great
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Our Logo

The ‘D’ letter with data chip is a short form of ‘Digital’ which surrounds the logo bringing our aura and façade as a trusted contemporary digital marketeer company.

The letter ‘H’ inside the logo is a short form of our spirit; Hablum Minallah, Itqan & Taqwa

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Our Core

Let's Make Ummah Great Again

We thrive to be a leading syariah compliance and preferred marketing company with world’s best practice in improving Malaysian business & education sector’s economy.