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ASYRAF, an enthusiastic, passionate and bold entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in business. His experiences and expertises range from property development, real estates management, digital marketing, food services and business consultancy. A networker specialize in connecting the dots for ventures that he set to establish.

With a Master degree in Operations and Business Management, he had founded more than 10 companies with a portfolio worth more than RM200 millions, including a hotel, supermarket and housing developments.

He had been handling fundraising in the recent years benefitting more than 100 schools and NGOs, with a total fund of RM85 millions and continue to do so until now.

He is passionate about changing the landscape of social economy through technology, business and investments especially in the education sector.

MUHAIMIN, is a graduate of Tahfiz Al-Quran who has been in the field of business and marketing ads for more than 4 years. Starting from the base in 2018, he refined his knowledge of Facebook Ads. Now, it has expanded its mastership technically on other digital platforms such as Instagram, Google, and Youtube Ads.

He was so passionate until established a digital marketing company in 2020, with a vision to help develop educational institutions and NGOs with the concept of fundraising. Now more than 100 schools and associations have been administered and are succeeding more than RM85 million.

The nature of Leadership and Team Management is that he keeps constructing more than 50 staff under his company who are mostly specialists in the field of advertising and copywriting.

He is determined to help more people either financially or through employment opportunities to enrich the Ummah.


Leading with purpose,
Driving for Better Ummah.”

With our combined expertise and collaborative approach, we work together to identify opportunities for growth, assess risks, and develop innovative solutions to challenges. We; the Management Council are committed to excel and strive, ensuring that our company and Ummah is well-positioned for success.


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